In the past, you hand no choice. 

If you wanted to genuinely and authentically do detox, you had to go to a spa. Today, that is not so.

Find below a quick summary of all the different detox options on Ko- samui island, Thailand, updated 2016.

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on Ko-samui island.

Since the 1990's a new type of spa has arrived on the scene, primarily with Thailand as the center of this universe.

And specifically Ko-samui island in Southern Thailand.

With it's sandy beaches, moderate temperate warm weather year round, and good transportation and communication links the Detox spa industry on Ko-samui island has seriously taken off since the turn of the century.

The visionary of this phenomena was an American by the name of Guy Hopkins.

Guy, and his Thai wife, Toi, opened the first genuine authentic cleansing/ fasting / detox spa called The Spa Resorts, on Ko Samui island in the early 1990's.

I showed up there in their second year of operations.

I remember Guy telling me his vision when I first met him. I laughed. As did many others.

But nonetheless I myself, Jos-hua, ended up living at the Spa Resorts, fasting and deep body cleansing month after month, year after year, learning from my own hands-on experiences and from other practitioners who moved in too or who were passing through.

I lived there full time as a resident cleanser for six full years!

In between cleanses I would go for ten day meditation retreats in silence on the mainland at Wat Suan Mokhh, but the Spa Resort was my home and to there I returned after each retreat.

Guy envisioned that one day, not just Thailand in general, but Ko-samui in particular would be world renown for health cleansing and detox. And his dream and vision has definitely come true. He was a visionary.

Today, all around the island, and on surrounding islands you'll find detox spa's at different prices with different detox focuses.

The most well known BEST detox, colon cleansing, fasting and weight loss spas on Ko-samui in 2016, are:

The Spa Resorts
Healing child, Health oasis
The Sanctuary (on Ko Phangan)
Detox samui
Kamalaya (a high end very expensive spa)
Tamarin spa
New Orion
New leaf
Dharma healing centre

They all are in one form or another, a spin off of Guy Hopkin's dream and vision.

They all, in one form or another, saw the commercial success of The Spa Resorts, and wanted in.

They all are different due to each owners personality, management skills, familiarity in health care, and available financial resources yet they have one common thread, that being fasting, detox, juicing, colonics and colon cleansing.
In other words, they all are authentic genuine deep body cleansing resorts.

Time required to do a detox on Samui?

You'll have to spend at least ten days on site, on the premises... two weeks would be better. Three even more better!

Two to three days before the "formal" cleansing starts, plus the "formal" seven days of detox cleansing, plus at least a day or two after your "formal" cleanse ends when you and your body are reintroduced back to solid food.

A week, two or three would be much more preferable than a day or two after the "formal detox" but many people just cannot afford it, or their schedule cannot accommodate it. They have to get back home, and to work.

Or on with their vacation.


Each detox / fasting / cleansing spa above has a different cost structure running from 400 to 500$ dollars for one week of deep body cleansing at the lower end all the way up to US$2,000 for a week of detox cleansing.

In each one in addition to the cleansing / detox costs you'll have to pay separately for accommodation too... that too varies from resort to resort, starting on average at 50 dollars a night up to 150-200 dollars a night.

In short you're looking at least, at the minimum US$1,000 in cleansing detox costs plus at least another 500 to 1,500 dollars in accommodation and other expenses (food, herbal purchases, etc..).

When it is all said and done, that figure can easily balloon to US$2,500-$3,500 and beyond depending again on the type of accommodations, type of detox and fasting spa, auxiliary services bought, etc..

Getting there

Plus of course, air fare and transportation costs need to be factored in too.

Unless you already happen to be there on Ko-samui for a vacation, or nearby in the vicinity (Ko Phangan, or Ko Tao or Phuket), you are going to have to spend money to get there.

From Europe or America you're talking minimum 700 dollars, but more like $1,000 when all the other expenses around airfare are factored in- visa, taxi's to and from airports, food or snacks bought at airports or on the way, impulse shopping, etc..

Now lets get to the point...

Don't get me wrong... if it's fun in the sun in an exotic Asian location, a detox spa on Ko-samui is a great place to start the process of experiencing what genuine authentic detox is all about.

I highly recommend it.

But if you are really serious about taking the reins of your health into your own hands for a lifetime, the HPS online guided interactive 7 Day Wonder detox cleansing program beats every spa, any day.

What do you get at a cleansing retreat / resort and what don't you get?

Find below my knowledge and experiences, all first hand knowledge and experiences, spanning two decades of being involved with, and living on, Ko Samui.

I'm giving you this information so that you can make informed decisions about your path.

At every one of the above mentioned cleansing spas, detox retreats, you'll get a lot of fun in the sun.

Clean air, blue sky, fine sand palm lined beaches, coconut plantations wherever you look... in short an exotic environment for most people that have never been to an island resort in Asia before.

Thai people are nice. Everybody is nice. Good food before your detox. Good food after.

Something totally different than anything you have ever seen or experienced in the western hemisphere.

You also get a fixed detox cleanse program, or a few different programs to chose from.

The programs range from a one day taster program, to three day programs, to seven to ten day programs, plus specific programs geared to specific health problems be it liver cleansing, parasite cleansing, candida cleansing, weight loss detox, etc..

They also all have on site facilities e.g., a steam room, a massage sala, and also well being courses being offered on an hourly basis (sometimes free, sometimes at a cost, it varies from spa to spa) be it an introduction to meditation, yoga,  health cooking courses, etc., etc..

Some also offer access to on-site freelance health practitioners who will teach you and work with you in a variety of New Age alternative health methods. Some offer chiropractor access, some offer healing sounds, some offer Reiki courses, some offer acupuncture, some offer color therapy, others vortex energy sessions, etc., etc..

BUT, none of them offer you what HPS deep body cleansing offers you online, that being a step by step logically structure fully guided, fully educational, fully support 24/7, step by step deep body cleansing, healing, rejuvenation and preventative health care program.

The reason being is that they, a detox spa, have you for only a short time (for a week or two) and therefore, within that time span they want to sell to you as much as they can, before you depart.

They want to sell as many services, therapies, products and food (before and after your cleansing) as they can.

That makes sense. That's the business model.

But, in our opinion, that means you aren't getting the best you could be getting.

For example, it makes no sense in my professional opinion to start a parasite cleansing program or deep kidney cleanse, or a candida detox program before the bloodstream has been purified a few times and the colon cleansed out repeatedly. Just no sense at all.

In the HPS online interactive 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing program for example, parasite cleansing starts only in level 2 and proceeds full force only in level 3.

Kidney cleansing, gall bladder cleansing, liver cleansing and in fact all deep organ cleansing at HPS is primarily a level 3 and level 4 activity because that's how they will be most effective.

By that time, by the time of an HPS 7 Day Wonder level 3 deep body cleanse program you would have been involved on and in a cleansing and purification journey, involved in a healing and rejuvenation journey for already four to six months at the least.

You would have fundamentally purified the bloodstream a few times, cleaned out the colon a few times, transformed old negative habits into more positive habits (7DW post-cleansing activities), and have dealt with some emotional and mental issues too.

And of course your self confidence would have begun to skyrocket. Your self motivation too. Your knowledge and wisdom too. You would have acquired skills, and not just experiences.

HPS employs a step-by-step methodology. 
But a detox spa cannot.

At a Samui detox retreat cleansing, healing and rejuvenation is all thrown in together, into a one or two week time frame. SO in short, you're body and mind isn't getting what it needs to genuinely heal, and rejuvenate. That being time, and practice!

HPS focuses on you attaining skills in your health care- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual skills. No detox program on Ko-samui does that to the extent or with the motivation that we do.

HPS wants you to develop self confidence and wisdom in the care of your body, beauty, immunity, energy and health. No detox spa or detox program on Samui takes any serious steps in that direction!

In all fairness there is no time for them to do any of that.

They just want you finish up your stay, vacate the room for the next person who has booked it, to experience some positive change in your health and to come back again next year, and hopefully the years after and spend your money with them again!

A detox spa logistically just doesn't have the time to do any of what HPS does for you, it needs to make as many sales ASAP to you during your stay before you depart (even if that means throwing as many therapies at you at the same time which in my professional opinion is counter-productive and inefficient), and therefore in our HPS opinion you are not getting the most, the best, that you could be getting for your buck.

Oh sure, at any Samui detox centre you're getting good stuff, let there be no doubt about that in your mind, but you aren't getting 1/10th of what HPS is giving you online in our HPS deep body 7 Day Wonder cleansing and rejuvenation program gives.

A lot of things are just thrown at you, not because that's the most efficient way from a health perspective to do it, but rather because there is no time to do it another way, any other way.

Even though you'll be spending a lot more money at a Samui detox centre than if you do the HPS level by level 7 Day Wonder step by step online program you will not be getting as involved in health, nor FUNDAMENTALLY addressing deeper issues which obviously need to be addressed if health is to be transformed in a sustainable manner.

Deeper issues need time, study, wisdom and loving support, and practice to resolve them. And who doesn't have deeper issues? I surely did, and I'm pretty sure you do too.

Secondly, the amount of personal attention and personal one-on-one individual instruction is far less at a Thailand detox spa than at the guided deep body cleansing program online. 1/100th less. How couldn't it be?

Online guided deep body cleansing is just that, online, interactive, guided - done at your pace, timing and convenience.

At HPS, each level of our 7 Day Wonder program spans three months of teachings, practice, and loving care for you daily at our online HPS cleansing forum, managed by Jos-hua himself, all done at your pace and convenience in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your own home.

Things progress well when you're in your comfort zone ... And things progress extremely well when you have the backing and support of tens of other very experienced HPS 7 Day Wonder cleansers from our forum. Their insights, love, and support is priceless. Many of them have been doing our HPS program for years, some for over a decade and a half already!

Most spas for example have a fairly strict schedule...

When you arrive there is a 15 or 20 minute introduction at a set time. Maybe a video for you to watch. Or a collection of information in a pamphlet.

You're assigned your herbal supplements, you're instructed how to do the home colonics, where the juicing bar is located, where the home colonics are done, where the library is, where the video room is and at what time you are to show up each day for your detox- colon cleansing- home colonics- juicing.

You're given the tools that you'll need. And that's it. From then on, you're basically on your own.

If you have a question or two, and need assistance of course everyday, at a specific time, you'll have an instructor there to answer your questions, based on their knowledge. And their timing, not necessarily your timing.

How much personal one-on-one quality time can they give you? On some days there might be thirty other people in line.

How knowledgeable and experienced are they? That's up to interpretation.

How deep in their explanations do they want to go with you, or how far? That's a function of their feelings on that day, their mood, and their desires. There really is no structure to it. Nor any oversight.

Basically, there is no emphasis on educating you beyond the basics needed for you to complete your week of detox, fasting, home colonics and colon cleansing at their spa. 

How could there be? There just isn't time for that. Nor at some places the qualified personnel.

There also is no emphasis on the really "most" important part of any detox cleanse, that being the "post-cleansing" period.

Post-cleansing is where habits are changed, old patterns are recognized, worked with, and let go. Post-cleansing is where realizations take place. Post-cleansing is where growth and transformation in health, and in health care, takes place.

To genuinely cleanse, detox, heal, rejuvenate and prevent it's the skills that we acquire which make all the difference. It has nothing to do with products, equipment or devices!

At HPS deep body cleansing online there is a lot of emphasis on " 7DW post-cleansing" simply because it is the post-cleansing skills that bring about sustainable long lasting rewarding changes to health.

But at a detox spa, how could there be any deep or comprehensive post-cleansing?

There just isn't time for that. At worst it's a word or two, a ten minute discussion, or at best a short video or an A4 piece of paper summarizing a few important points you should pay attention to.

In short, at a detox spa it's a superficial and basically non existent post-cleanse. 

What happens to you weeks later, months later, or years later is not of importance to them. It's not in their business model. 

But at HPS-online deep body cleansing it is very important to us, and of course for you. Very important! WITHOUT post-cleansing guidance, support and love, you're lost. Without post-cleansing you're initial investments in detox are not delivering all they could, all that they should.

That's why post-cleansing is such a huge part of the HPS business model. Being online and interactive at the HPS cleansing forum provides you with continuous post-cleansing insights, wisdom, idea's, support and love. 

At a detox / cleansing / fasting spa there also is not much emphasis on a step by step structured progression.
How could there be, there just isn't time for that either.

If you really want to get the most out of your investments in yourself through detox, cleansing, fasting, colon cleansing, home colonics and all the other supporting detox, healing, rejuvenation and preventative health care therapies, well, HPS is head and shoulders over the rest. Far over the rest. And our online forum proves it.

Another issue is hygiene.

Without naming names, I remember over the past two and a half decades cleansing at different places, totally disgusted by the lack of hygiene. The toilets where the home colonics were being done were filthy, the towels were stinky, and in general hygiene wasn't high on anyone's list. Who knows what was going on in the kitchen? I remember one place where they were washing the home colonic boards in the kitchen, right next to the plates and glasses. Disgusting to say they least. They had too many other things to worry about while servicing their guests than to worry about that.

Additionally, once you order an online program, your place is reserved. And you have flexibility in your starting date.

At a spa, once you've booked a place you have to show up. There are too many corresponding bookings around the cleanse itself- airplane flight schedules, accommodation bookings, visas, onward bookings, etc..
You cannot simply decide on a whim to change the date.
You're forced to go through with it even if you have a change of mind and want to go ahead, but at a different date for example.

At HPS, you commence when it is convenient for you. You may set a date, believe that is your starting date, and find you're not really ready for it to start, and delay your cleansing for another week or two. Or more. No problem. It's up to you.

Last but not least, anyone who has done any deep body cleansing will tell you, it's a process, not a one-off event.
To properly clean out a human body and clean up our act is a process. It's prohibitively expensive to have to fly back every year to a spa to spend a few weeks. It just doesn't make sense in the longer run. Therefore, an educational online interactive program that gives you the skills, the tools, the knowledge and the self confidence to do what a spa does makes a lot of sense. Dollars and sense.

If you are in need a vacation or holiday away from your home, use your time to do just that and not spend your holiday fasting, detoxing and deep body cleansing.

Once you're cleaned out, having done that in the comfort of your own home WITH professional and continuous guidance, and are ready to go on a vacation, show off you newly trimmed down body, looks and vigorous health on a holiday.

And enjoy to the fullest.

That's how we see it.

For those people who are serious about attaining great health and transforming their body, immunity, beauty, energy, weight and health, in my opinion holiday's are for fun in the sun, for eating and partying and not for fasting, detoxing and deep body cleansing.

In the past, you had no choice, but now you do.

HPS-online guided interactive cleansing, healing, rejuvenation and preventative health care.

Do it the right way. Do it the HPS way!

© All rights reserved. 2016.